Thursday, February 19, 2009

I like lemons?

This wasn't his first lemon (the last ones he just devoured), but it was fun to watch him put it in his mouth, make a face, then go back again. I guess he loves them?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Monkey Story

Marmie was watching S yesterday while Phil and I went to pick up a vanity from the Home Depot Expo (that has a long and boring story behind it). We have two books right now that S seems to love, "Where's Spot?" and "Dear Zoo" both "lift-the flap" books (pictured here from and from in case you need childhood reminders).

After going through the spot book (where you open a clock, a piano, etc and look for Spot but instead find other animals), Marmie and S read the zoo book. One of the animals the zoo sends is a monkey. When Marmie and S got to the monkey, he paused, reached for the spot book and opened the up the page with the monkey on it (I don't remember what it's hiding behind). He then compared the two images. He recognized that they were both monkeys! He is so smart!

(And if you have a 10 month old, maybe even as young as 9 months old, I highly recommend flap books. These two are cardboard and have flaps, ideal for chewing and "reading.")