Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pets and a baby

We have two cats, two dogs, and a baby. 
The cats are kind of divided on the baby. Baley could care less (she's the one pictured in the Boppy), but this is a normal state for her. Seismic seems to like him as long as he's not crying (then she runs out of the room). 
The dogs are also divided in their concern. Ladybug could take him or leave him, he's interesting but she gets yelled at when she tries to lick him. Tucker loves him (and as a result tries to lick him a lot) and gets excited when he cries. 
As Phil pointed out, why did we get a baby monitor when we have two perfectly good ones already? As soon as he cries, they race to the room to check on him (although they never quiet him down).

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