Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures at Sears

I took Stephen to Sears this weekend for his first professional pictures. I'll admit that I did this because I had a $5 coupon. I got one set of prints in one pose. This was easier than I thought because about the time he sat down on the background, he discovered his tongue. I've never seen him do this before but he just sat around with his tongue out the entire time. Except of course when he rolled over and started to suck on the background. I must look like the mother of the year.

I managed to avoid the sales pitches about the additional pictures to order...but they gave me an online link. And this link lets me buy sheets of his adorable pictures for as cheap as $15, damn you Sears. 

Anyway, I took a screen shot of his pictures so I could share how adorable he is. By the way, I bought the second one, him sitting up and kind of smiling.

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