Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flying Pig Marathon

Here's a picture of me and S before the race. 

Another marathon come and gone. 

It was in the 60s and a little drizzly. The course was nice, and as an aside, I've never seen so many people handing things out along a course. There were people with oranges, jelly beans, water, and I saw a lady with an entire fruit salad (really!). Unfortunately, I was taught not to take food from strangers :). The downer was that I was sick. I woke up feeling kind of crappy Friday and by Saturday I had a fever and chills. This didn't really stop me from going to the zoo that afternoon (I did take a nap in the middle of the day, I rested, really). I felt okay on Sunday morning (not great, but I was also really nervous). I started the race and I only made it 22 miles. It sucked. I finally stopped when it hurt to walk and I could feel the fever.

However, my trainer (Stephanie) had really trained me well for the race. I was going to PR but I didn't. Next year.

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