Tuesday, October 6, 2009

vibram fivefingers shoes

Here's me at the top (if you look closely you can see my little nerdy feet).Here are my shoes on the trail.

I bought a pair of vibram fivefingers shoes to run barefoot in. I wore them climbing Mt LeConte this weekend. The Alum Caves Trail is 5.2 miles to the peak and then back. The best way to describe wearing the shoes is really, being barefoot. I found them mostly fun. I probably should have picked a shorter hike for their first long use though.

I've only run a few miles in them. I'll update when I've run more.

The full-coverage did keep the rocks out.
Very light (compared to hiking boots).
I usually felt like I was just strolling along, that was fun.

You can't wear socks, my feet were cold when we started.
I slid on some of the rocks going downhill.
I really had to be careful on some of the rocks, one wrong step can really hurt.
They really, really smell right now. I need to put them in the washer. I don't know if this is the shoes or me.
My calves are so sore it's crazy. I think it's from using them to stabilize my ankles (instead of letting my shoes help) and from just walking differently during a climb.

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Andrea said...

Those are fantastic shoes! And you're a NUT :)