Saturday, January 26, 2008

Falling Down

I went to the dog park today and it was surprisingly muddy. The point of this is that, of course, I slipped and fell down. It must have been pretty good to watch because I almost caught myself mid-fall and then (and here I blame my new center of gravity) I slipped on some more mud and hit my knee on a stick and slide down part of the hill on my side. I'm pleased to say that my tummy was perfectly fine and I only bruised my leg...I'm even more pleased to say I didn't hit any dog poop. Either way, it was my first fall as a pregnant woman (which is interesting since I've always tripped all the time).


David said...

You also fell outside of the Shedd Aquarium when we were walking down the hill.

Jude said...

Hmm, I did forget all about that. I slid down that hill too huh?

David said...

Sliding is better than rolling.