Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day in the life of Stephen

2:40am - wake up, eat, go back to sleep.
5:50am - wake up, eat, go back to sleep.
7:30am - wake up, play with Daddy.
9:10am - wake up from a short nap, eat, play and kick.
11:10am - eat, play and nap (fitfully)
1:10pm - eat, leave to run errands, fall asleep in the car, wake up in the store.
3:05pm - eat, sleep through Costco, and the library.
5:15pm - return home, eat.
6:30pm - realize you didn't really nap lately, be angry and hungry, eat. After eating, be fussy for a couple of hours (gassy I think).
8:30pm - eat again, nap some, be fussy some more.
10:45 - eat, sleep and off to bed for the night.

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