Thursday, April 24, 2008


There's something I enjoy about running (or biking) for each season. I ran my 2 mile loop with no walking today (hooray) so I'm feeling more confident about getting in shape. However, while I ran, I was thinking about the things I liked (and missed while pregnant):

Spring: Flowers (I know a lot of my neighbors yards by their flowers), getting back on my bike (I'm too wimpy to bike in the winter), and weather.
Summer: Triathlon season (I'm not fast, but I love to race, it's fun), biking (I bike the most in summer), and rain (I've always loved running in the rain).
Fall: Weather, then changing leaves (I've never lived anywhere with actual seasons until now), biking (I like to see the turkeys and pileated woodpeckers on the trace).
Winter: Christmas lights (I love to look at them while I run), the occasional snow, Marathon season (but I haven't been up to a big race in awhile).

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