Monday, June 16, 2008

Traveling Scarf

I started my traveling scarf this weekend. It's a ravelry group where we mail the scarf pieces to the next person in our group and each person knits (or crochets) on the scarf and then passes it on to the next on the list. In the end about 12 other people should work on my scarf (and me on theirs) so the end-result should be very nice. 

Here's the start to my scarf. I used the Little Pyramids stitch from Knitting on the Net in Cascade 220 on size 8 needles. Let's see how it goes :)

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Martha said...

So long as one of the people doesn't knit like me it will probably be "very nice." If there is a me on there, it will probably be "very interesting" - at least 1/12 of it.