Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hat Attack

I joined hat attack
Let me start by kind of explaining the rules. It's a round-robin game. Everyone knits the same hat and mails it do their downstream partner. The person downstream from you is your victim and the upstream person is your assassin. If you're killed (you receive a finished hat in the mail), you mail your unfinished hat to your assassin and your previous victim becomes their victim. 
So I mailed off my hat this morning (I made us stop at the post office on the way to work). I'm ridiculously proud of myself for finishing the hat. Now I just have to wait and see if I get a hat in the mail. (or rather, when I get a hat in the mail, maybe I can take someone else out first).

Here's a picture of the hat (plus the weapons used to build said hat):
Hat + weapons

And, I learned a valuable lesson. No matter how proud you are that you completed your hat, if it's late, your husband does not want to get up to take a picture of you in said hat. So, here's a picture of me looking like a dork (in my pajamas) modeling the hat. 
Me looking like a dork

1 comment:

Craftlover said...

you did a great job on that hat.
love the color. :)