Monday, May 26, 2008

Yarn confessions

1. I hoard yarn. Each skein has a project it belongs to, but I can't pass up a texture or color that I adore. At least I'm migrating to socks so it'll only be one skein per project.
2. I work on too many projects at a time. This goes with the too much yarn thing, I cast on a fun project, and then get side-tracked a few weeks into it.
3. I am reading knitting mysteries, how nerdy is that?
4. I am scared of making complicated projects. I don't know why, when I start one, it goes fine, but I seem to worry about them an excessive amount (seriously I just made an entire garter-stitch sweater and blanket, boring).
5. My ravelry projects rarely go up before they're done. I'm trying to plan some out now, but we'll see. 
6. Finally, I love kitchener's stitch! The toe of my first sock looks a little stupid (I think it should be round), but I really wanted to do kitchener's.


Martha said...

#3. To the max.

Knitlover said...

2. I have the same problem too! :(