Monday, November 24, 2008

I was the victim of a Monkey Attack

This weekend I unsuccessfully ran the Flying Monkey Marathon.

The monkeys left me alone the first half of the race (or perhaps they were stalking me). At about mile 14 they began to glom onto my legs and slow me down. I thought I could shake them off, but they were relentless. By mile 17 the extra weight had slowed me to a painful walk (but not a crawl, so there's something to be said for that). At mile 18, right before a 1 mile hill (it's steep). I had to stop. Perhaps more training would have helped me fight off the monkeys. Next year, I will conquer the monkeys. 

And Nike claims I ran 19 miles, but I didn't. I ran 18. Here's their chart of my run (which is actually pretty hilarious looking). I don't know what that dip is (or why it looks like I picked it back up and started to run again). But I was out there 4:14'20"

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