Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nike + iPod

For my birthday this year Phil gave me the Nike + iPod for my new iPod (his old iPod). Right after I bought my iPod shuffle the Nike + iPod stuff came out and I didn't feel I could really justify another new iPod. So, I waited. When Phil got a new one, he gave me his old Nano and here I am!

Since I don't wear Nike shoes to run in, I had to make-do with the sensor in my shoe. It's not bad (I have very high arches). Okay, so I started downloading my training data to nikeplus.com 

above is my Nike summary for my runs so far, I'm slow, but I'm not that slow!

Here's a screen-shot of my workout last night. It looks like I need to reset my distance. I ran 3 miles, and Nike says I ran 2.56 miles. However, I love the little graph with my pace!

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