Monday, November 12, 2007

24 weeks!

The baby is about 1 pound 3 ounces now and 8.5 inches tall. He has a sense of equilibrium and can tell the difference between upside down and right side up. Over the next few weeks he will add blood vessels to his lungs.

A glucose screening test is in the works to check for gestational diabetes.

Okay, here's additional information I found interesting from the APA (American Pregnancy Association):

"Your baby's brain is growing rapidly at this time. Taste buds are also developing, and the lungs are becoming more developed and complex. The branches of the main lung are beginning to form as well as special cells that will produce surfactant. Surfactant is necessary for the air sacs to inflate easily. Babies who are born prematurely often have trouble breathing because these cells have not had enough time to develop or are not producing the necessary amounts of surfactant."

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