Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things people tell me

I've started classifying the pregnancy advice and comments I get from other people. Usually, I get this information from people I don't know and so far I've managed to be polite and just smile and nod, I'm sure a breakdown of saying something rude is coming as I get closer to the due date. But I've classified them into the basic comment and then the specific comments I get from that, people are slightly more polite than this, but it's easier to classify them as I hear them.

1) You are so big
 -Really, you're only having one?
 -You aren't due until February?
 -That's going to be a big baby!

2) My friend/relative/6-degrees person had this awful thing happen to their baby
 -I don't want to go into these, it's hard to be polite when listening to stories of otherwise healthy babies that are suddenly still-born, ill, whatever

3) I (only) gained x pounds
 -If it's only, x is like 10
 -Otherwise, x is something like 90

4) So and so was so happy being pregnant
 -Those women are lying, it's all I can say

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